Why choose SIP Abacus?

What is common to the following students?

Ahwan Reddy

from Hyderabad, India

All India Rank 5 in JEE 2015

Somesh Choradia

from Nagpur, India

CAT 2019 100 percentile score

Bhanu Prakash

from Hyderabad, India

World’s Fastest Human Calculator

Souvesh Mahapatra

from Cuttack, Odissa, India

Young Scientist awardee from Ex President Abdul Kalam

Priyanka Gupta

from Muzaffarnagar, UP, India

Scored 800/800 in her SAT 2020 Math

The answer is: they are all Alumni of the SIP Abacus program. Even today, when they look back on the journey, their experience with SIP Abacus has been a critical component in their success.

If you want your child to develop critical skills and have a highly successful career, read on… Or even simpler… book a Free Trial class.

How does SIP Abacus help Children

The SIP Abacus programme is a unique systematic training programme that helps children in their formative years develop an absorbent mind. It uses three tools to develop essential learning skills in your child.

Abacus Training

Brain Gym

Speed writing

The essential skills developed by the SIP Abacus programme are

Develops a high degree of Concentration

Removes the fear of Math

Gives a strong foundation in Math at a young age

Improves visual Memory

Improves Listening Skills

Children learn to destress and activate their brain

Learn to write faster also neatly

Overall develops an absorbent mind that enhances their ability to learn anything.

See how the abacus programme works and the amazing abilities developed by children

Make Your Child 5 Times Better

Once your child enrolls in our program we do a pre-test and record the score. On completion of foundation level (just a little over a year), we do another test and we promise that your child will score a minimum of 5 times more!

We are so sure of our capability to deliver that we back our promise with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We will refund an amount of $2000 if we fail to improve your child by a minimum of 5 times.

We are the first and only Abacus training organization globally to offer such a brand promise. This is because of the passion of our teachers and the quality systems that we have incorporated in our training.


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