Become a SIP Abacus Franchisee

Are you a passionate individual looking to start a business but are not sure yet because of the following reasons?

  • Not sure of what business to invest in
  • Investing in a business is risky
  • Not sure on the return on investment
  • Want a work life balance

If these are your obstacles in setting up a business, we believe that SIP Abacus is the best option for you as it will address all your concerns.

  • SIP abacus is the leader in the abacus industry, giving you the best chance to succeed.
  • Partner with Us – Together, we can help children achieve their full potential, thereby helping you secure your entrepreneurial dreams as well.
  • Be a part of this rewarding opportunity and earn a solid and steady income working with children.

1. Not sure of what business to Invest In

Education is one of the most stable businesses to invest in. Parents are keen to develop their children's skills and the SIP Abacus programme is one of the most powerful skill development programmes for children in their primary schooling years.

2. Low-Risk business

In addition to a lower initial investment, the SIP Abacus business has been stable for over 20 years, SIP Abacus has over 800 successful franchisees across 14 countries.


An estimated overall investment between of $40,000 - $60,000 is required to setup an SIP Abacus Franchisee in New Zealand.

3. Steady return on investment

And that too, in a short time-span!

We expect that you will be able to break even in 4-6 months and your income could be as over 11,000 NZD a month within about 12 months.

4. Work-life balance

We at SIP Abacus believe that a proper work-life balance is essential for every franchisee to be successful. We are one of the finest organizations that value your personal time as a critical component for your success.

While maintaining an excellent work-life balance as an SIP Abacus franchisee, you can become a successful, high-earning entrepreneur.

Support from SIP

We provide complete support in developing your business. This includes assistance with marketing, branding, training, software, site selection and training material. We have a competent team which shall assist you in each and every stage of your journey with us.

Real Estate Requirements for a New Franchisee

Area Recommended Location Preferred Interiors & Furniture
65-90 sq mt (2 classrooms, reception, and toilet facilities) Commercial or semi-commercial. Easy access and Visibility potential. Signage Board, Reception & Classroom branding as SIP Design Guidelines.

Exit Strategy

As a SIP Abacus franchisee, you need not worry about exiting the business. The average franchisee is with us for more than 12 years. And selling a successful business is an easy proposition!

Hiring Teachers!

Do you share our passion?

Then come, teach at SIP Abacus. We have more than 3000-course instructors.

Are you a great teacher who wants to leave a lasting impact on children?

  • Become a mentor at SIP Abacus and help children to develop their life important skills so that you sculpt a great future!
  • If you have a thirst for knowledge and the desire to enhance your mentoring skills, then SIP Abacus is for you.


Your remuneration will depend on the city and the number of students you will handle.


  • 28 days of training
  • Spread across eight levels
  • Training fee charged for foundation and advance courses

Eligibility Criteria:

You can apply, if you have the following qualities.

  • Passion for imparting knowledge to children
  • Flair for updating your knowledge constantly
  • Ability to work on flexible timings
  • Willingness to work during weekends
  • Great communication skills