Why SIP Abacus?

SIP Abacus is a skill development programme that can help in various aspects of your child’s development. SIP Abacus courses are designed to develop soft-skills, numerical abilities and overall intelligence.

Children in today’s smartphone-enabled world have just one problem – the constant distraction of stimuli from smartphones, streaming platforms, and other devices.

SIP Abacus program is tailored to engage your child productively, learning MATH in a fun way.

Proven curriculum and structured modules

SIP Abacus is designed for children between 6 and 12 years of age. Through the years, we have constantly incorporated the best practices and refined the curriculum as well as our training methods.

SIP Abacus offers four modules of Abacus learning.

Junior Module

Foundation Module

Advanced Module

Grand Master Module

Rigorously trained teachers with assessments

Annual teacher up-gradation

Small batch size for individual attention

Periodic Course revision

Both online and offline classes

Annual regional / National and International Competitions

Our Brightest Minds

Bhanu Prakash
World’s Fastest Human Calculator

While many of the alumni of SIP Abacus has achieved extraordinary success at a young age almost all have done way better than if they had not gone through the training.

“When I got enrolled in SIP Abacus, I was 8 years old. I completed the Grand Module C level by the time I was 13 years. I now hold 50 records in The Limca Book for being the fastest mathematician in the world. SIP Abacus has helped me in developing my speed and concentration not only in just Abacus or Math for that matter but also in other walks of life. My School grades reflected my skills earned as I was always a topper!” – Bhanuprakash World’s Fastest Calculator

SIP Abacus has produced young
achievers with great distinction.

About us

SIP Abacus has vast experience in developing skills of hundreds of thousands of children internationally. SIP Abacus originated in Malaysia in the year 1999 and now is present in 14 countries.

800 centers across the world

Trained 700,000 children since 1999

Present in 14 Countries

Awards &

SIP Abacus has received numerous awards and accreditations that stand testament to the excellence achieved over the years.

Become a Franchisee

With over 800 successful franchisees the world, join us in an exciting journey of Income stability and imparting skill development training to children. If you have a passion for working with children, SIP Abacus is the right platform for you.

We give you an exciting opportunity to partner with us.

As a franchisee, you can deliver a great learning experience for children while building a profitable and sustainable long-term business.

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