SIP Abacus


SIP Abacus Junior
For Kids in Class 1 & 2

we have been running the SIP Abacus program
for children above class 3 since 2003.
SIP Academy now has specially introduced
the SIP Abacus Junior program

Children studying in Class 1 and Class 2 have a different pace of learning and the SIP Abacus Juinior Program is designed keeping this in mind, so that the kids gradually build the requisite skills to smoothly progress to higher levels. We have introduced the concept of teaching multiplication tables using a unique methodology. The program focuses on providing a firm foundation to the basics of Abacus along with conducting fun activities that challenges the brain.

Program Highlights

1. Strong Abacus foundation through Abacus-based fun activities
2. Brain gym & Speed writing
3. Multiplication tables
4. Brain games & activities
5.Directly progress to SIP Abacus foundation Level 2

Course Details


Duration - 10 months
135 mins per week

Student Kit