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Take this simple quiz to find out
how distracted your little one is.

Question #1

Do toys, gadgets and television distract your children?

  • a. Like little squirrels, they’re constantly distracted
  • b. They’re distracted sometimes
  • c. Occasionally, like a kitten, they can be distracted
  • d. Very rarely are they distracted

Question #2

Does your child need rewards to do their homework?

  • a. No, even rewards don’t motivate them
  • b. Yes, rewards are the only way to get homework done
  • c. Sometimes, because difficult tasks need rewards
  • d. Not really, my child doesn’t need any rewards

Question #3

How many breaks does your child take during homework time?

  • a. Homework time is break time
  • b. More breaks than necessary
  • c. A few breaks just to stretch
  • d. Break time is after homework time

Question #4

How well does your child recall a story after they have heard it?

  • a. Not well, their memory is that of a goldfish
  • b. Average, they have to be told over repeatedly
  • c. Not too bad, they need a little prompting
  • d. Very well, they have the memory of an elephant

Question #5

Does your child put things in the respective places after using them?

  • a. They never do that
  • b. Only after repeated warnings
  • c. Just a few reminders, and things go back to their own place
  • d. Yes, my child is one of a kind and cleans up immediately

Question #6

How often does your child daydream?

  • a. Very often
  • b. Sometimes
  • c. Occasionally
  • d. Rarely

Question #7

Does your child struggle with simple math problems?

  • a. Very often, they don’t understand the problem
  • b. Yes, they often need some help
  • c. Sometimes, if it’s too confusing
  • d. Not really, they are confident in math

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