How does SIP Abacus improves your concentration?

"In arithmetic, there's no approximate answer, either you get it wrong, or you get it right.", says Dinesh Victor - Managing Director of SIP Academy India.

At SIP Abacus, students are given simple math problems to begin with. And as the weeks progress, the problems become progressively more difficult, while the time allowed for solving them is reduced. Thanks to the academy’s proven techniques of concentration, students learn how to get it right, all of the time. In the process, they discover that their power of concentration has improved, and that learning, both at school and at home, becomes easier. With its unique teaching methods and highly trained teachers, SIP Abacus consistently delivers on its promise: it will make your child 5 times better.

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Parents of SIP Academy students speak to us about how SIP education has provided their children with an all-round development, be it confidence in character or excellence in academics.

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A person's most important skill will always be the ability to concentrate on a task. Whether it's a student, doctor, a construction worker or even a lawyer, their success is owed to their focus.

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