SIP Abacus is unique, it works!

The words from happy parents and franchisees who saw, with their very eyes, the changes for better in the children's lives.


I was with the SIP Academy 15 years back. I have completed my Masters in UT Dallas in EE and I am working for Advanced Energy. With SIP academy in Adambakkam, I completed GM III level. Looking back at it now, I can say that abacus has helped me in solving math quickly. Every time I see a bill, receipt or math calculation, I go ahead to solve them and this I believe keeps my mind sharp. Brain Gym has helped me improve my concentration and helped me maintain focus on various tasks in my research, lab and work. Working on Abacus helped me develop both left and right side of my brain. Being a right handed person, activating both parts of my brain helped in my creative thinking to solve out of the box problems during my research in masters. I am really glad that I chose to pursue abacus and brain gym as these skills have helped me in being better other things I pursued.

Keshav Anand, Adambakkam, Chennai

My mom Neeraja started SIP Abacus classes when I was in class 6 and I got an opportunity to be in her first batch. I felt it was such a wonderful program for school children to really optimise our brain power, sharpen maths skills gain confidence and become competitive. We used to really enjoy dictations and checking the score. It used to be lot of fun and encouragement. The confidence I gained by the program motivated me to do well in studies by cracking seat at BITS pilani ( Mechanical and economics) and starting dream job in an investment banking firm JP Morgan at Mumbai. Thanks to SIP.

Meghana Yerabati

I joined SIP when I was 8 yrs and completed the Grand Module “C” when by the time I was 13 yrs. I now hold 50 Records in The Limca Book for being the Fastest Mathematician in the world. SIP has helped me in developing my speed and concentration not only in speed Math / Abacus but also on a broader perspective. This reflected in my school grades since I always was the topper there too.

Bhanu Prakash, Winner of 50 Limca records in mental math Calculation, School Topper.

Hii mates, I was the first batch grandmaster of SIP academy. Its still running in my vein, see to that you put your kid by second standard and finish by 5th or 6th. Don’t expect spot magic or rewards, just be patient and motivate your child to win competitions rather than seeing this as a coaching class. After winning a few titles, you will see your kid stands out from the rest in terms of self confidence, self esteem, absence of fear and hyperactiveness in a good sense. Trust me, these qualities are imbibed into me and it can’t be removed even if i wish to. Its a one time process and till the last second of your child’s life, he/ she will see only beads and not numbers provided you join him up early. Though it has nothing to do with higher studies and hardly in medicine i use it, the talent this system gives you makes us stand apart. In this competitive world, don’t scare and compare your child, instead try to improve his own performance and boost him. Imagine a scenario where you as a parent, win a major title and award, and just think how you will go to your office the next day, how you will be recieved by your companions, how energetic and confident you would be after winning a title and obvious, if you retrospectively analyse your performance, you would see that the title has made you better in life. That’s why i stress on winning competitions. Hope you understand and all the best my junior abacus champs. Keep winning and make it as a habit.

Dr. Harish B, MS MS (OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY, HEAD AND NECK SURGERY), Two time national winner, three time regional winner and international third

I joined SIP Abacus when I was in the 7th standard. When competition time arrived that year, I was disheartened as my sister Paridhi got the ‘Super Star’ trophy and I was empty handed. After losing the Nationals, I got an accurate idea of the pressure faced in competitions. So, I geared myself practiced hard and improved my acccuracy. In the next contest, I got the “Super Star” trophy and went on to become the North “Champion” in the following year at the 8th level. From my journey with SIP Abacus, I have clearly understood and realised the fact that this programme helps in overall development of an individual by improving your skills and confidence.

Apoorv Bansal, GMB Completed, Persuing B.Tec from IIT BHU, Muzaffarnagar.