SIP Abacus is unique, it works!

The words from happy parents and franchisees who saw, with their very eyes, the changes for better in the children's lives.


We have been associated with SIP Academy since 2010. SIP Academy has helped my son Adarsh to develop his concentration, confidence & memory power. I have seen him progress from being a lonely boy who hated crowds to an outgoing personality. The teachers in his classes give personal attention to each child. I am very impressed. The way they motivate & encourage children to perform better after every level is very encouraging.

Archana Bhat, Kharghar, Mumbai
Sushmita & Sangamitra

My daughter Sushmitha, SIP Abacus level 7, shown her concentration after level 4. She is now independent in her studies. Her mathematical ability has also improved. Her younger sister Sangamitra -2nd level AMAL has transformed into a fast learner at school. She is not only toping in the class academics, but also has started showing keen interest in extra-curricular activities.

Sushmita & Sangamitra, Bellary Cantonment, Bellary
Mrs & Mr Gavli

Today Deepesh has completed all the 8 levels and doing his GM-A level. His Abacus skills have helped him top in all the Math Olympiad Competitions, he has participated. His photographs are a regular feature in the newspapers and on his school News-Board. He is one of the lucky SIPian to have interacted with Mrs. Pratibha Patil, then President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Mrs & Mr Gavli, Kharghar, Mumbai
Sajikumar VR & Annamma Saji

Before joining SIP Lajpat Nagar, my daughter Mathangi was a very reserved and an emotional child. 7 months later, we noticed a significant change in her mathematical ability, confidence levels and of course her attitude. This is what parents like us expect from a prestigious institution like SIP Academy.

Sajikumar VR & Annamma Saji, Lajpat Nagar, NCR
Prasanna Kumar

I heard of the SIP Abacus programme with the unique Brain Gym, I enrolled my daughter Anusha Gangisetty. The rest is history. Today, Math has become her favourite subject with overall performance in school.

I thank you once again and wish you & your SIP Kharghar team all the best.

Prasanna Kumar, Kharghar, Mumbai
Dr. Rajesh Sherke

My daughter Sparsha is being trained in the SIP Abacus programme for the past four years and can solve 100 (addition & subtraction) sums in just 5 minutes. She has become so independent that, she does not require me to monitor her when she does her studies or home-work. Along with this she has also improved her concentration.

Dr. Rajesh Sherke, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad
Lavanya Ghulekar

“My daughters have excelled in their academic performance after joining SIP Abacus;”
My elder daughter Geetha joined SIP Abacus in 2011 and completed all the Grand Module levels. Highly impressed by her increased concentration level and overall development through Brain Gym, I enrolled my younger daughter Shraddha for AMAL course (now in 8th level). I can see the same improvement in her performance. I am proud of their achievements as they have been recognized both nationally and internationally. I thank both Archana Shah and Kirit Shah for providing excellent guidance through their wonderful teaching skills to all the students at Gudimalkapur center.

Lavanya Ghulekar, MehadiPatinam, Hyderabad
Kamal & Meena Paudel

Consistent improvement in mathematics:
We are proud of our son Arindam who has completed AMAL and is currently in Advance level of Abacus & Brain Gym programme. With the structured method of teaching and encouragement given by SIP team, he is very confident in solving mathematical problems. The content and structure of the programme have helped in his overall mental development and improved efficiency in other subjects too. We wish SIP Academy to continue the same in future.

Kamal & Meena Paudel, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi
Leena P Ravi

SIP programme ensure long term success in Maths;
My son Advaith is in Advanced level 4 in abacus and has developed a great interest towards Maths. SIP provides the kids an opportunity to stimulate their brain, discipline themselves, increase concentration and self confidence in them. SIP has made him win many medals in various competitions including silverzone Olympiads for the last two years. I strongly recommend SIP Abacus and brain gym not for a short term success in maths, but for a long term sustainable achievement for children in all fields. I hope more and more parents will realize the potential of SIP and I do pray that your organization grow in all directions to reach more and more kids in future. I express my immense gratitude towards the entire team of SIP for continuously striving hard for the development of mental potential of children.

Leena P Ravi, Kharghar, Mumbai
Vaibhvi & Manish Bagwe

SIP Academy fulfills brand promise of “5 times better";
We are the proud parents of Mayank Bagwe who has completed 8th level in Abacus conducted by SIP Academy. We want to compliment SIP Academy for fulfilling their commitment of “5 Times Better” performance at the end of 4th level compared to the start of the programme. I agree to their brand promise after seeing the overall academic performance and increased confidence of Mayank. A special thanks to Mr Dalvi & Mrs Bendre for their continuous support and encouragement to all the kids of Trail Finders Center, Bhandup.

Vaibhvi & Manish Bagwe, Bhandup, Mumbai
Navpreet Aujla

Calculates confidently;
Before joining SIP Narottam Nagar, my daughter Seerat was afraid of calculations. Her Abacus skills have helped her to improve her speed and she is now very confident in her calculations. I will gladly recommend this program to all my friends and family and help them in developing the overall personality of their children. I wish SIP Academy continues to shine in future through their endless efforts.

Navpreet Aujla, Narottam Nagar, Punjab