SIP Abacus is unique, it works!

The words from happy parents and franchisees who saw, with their very eyes, the changes for better in the children's lives.

Dinesh Kumar Boswan

Having worked as an Integrated Circuits (IC) Design Engineer at Nano Storage Technologies Pte Ltd., Singapore and was entangled within a cubicle in the office most of the time without much exposure to the outside world. When most of the recessions affecting your source of income was a threat and hence decided to switch to an activity that can bring in stability to my income and also help me in adding values and imparting an additional skill to the student community. Then I joined SIP as a Franchisee and I am proud to share my income from SIP has brought a lot of stability and satisfaction. SIP has become synonymous for quality and has eased growth. As a big tax payer, I have also increased my credibility in the society. This business has also brought a lot of spare time for myself and my family.

Dinesh Kumar Boswan, Franchise of Vijayanagar, Bengaluru
Deep Sen

Having graduated from the IIT Kharagpur in 1974, I started my career with the Tea Industry initially selling tea factory machinery and equipment before moving onto Exports and Logistics. Sometime in 2004 when I was working as Manager Logistics with the Assam Company Ltd., I felt the urge to move on and self-employ my talents. I believed that I could be a good teacher and that running tutorial classes could be a great idea. It was during this time that I fortunately got introduced to the idea of Abacus Education. I was quick to realize the potential and promptly signed in as one of the first Franchisees in Kolkata. From then on there has been no looking back and I continue to enjoy every moment of my association with SIP and my world of Children.

Deep Sen, Franchise of Ballygunge, Kolkata
Bharti Gupta

I was a visiting faculty in various institutes. I enjoyed teaching but always wanted to have my own institute. When I got the idea of Abacus, I searched various companies. My search was over with SIP Abacus (with their promises to give support to me as I was fresher in this field). Today I am proud of my decision, my company support system is like backbone to human being. This company not only enhanced my management skills but also made me financially independent.

Bharti Gupta, Franchise of Sector 27, Noida

It is a pleasure to be a franchisee of SIP Academy as it satisfies my personal and professional needs. SIP Academy through its high-end training ensures that the changing needs of the 21st century are met effectively. The amazing support by SIP team has boosted my confidence and today I have more than 150 children within a short span of 2 years.

Padma, Franchise of Rajakilpakkam, Chennai
Shrikant Mara

As a LCL, I am very happy to be associated with SIP family. SIP programmes help the children improve their writing speed, IQ and memory power. Abacus students have shown great interest not only in school subjects but also in extracurricular activities. I am extremely confident about my bright future with SIP. I wish SIP team continues to give their excellent support in future also.

Shrikant Mara, Franchise of Ilkal, Karnataka
Harika Chikkala

Having been a part of corporate world for almost 6 years and taking a decision to join SIP was very difficult for me initially. But now I am finding time for my family, earning good income with spending less time and most importantly I have job satisfaction. SIP programmes not only develop the kids’ learning ability but also create a good environment for continuous learning for self and my teachers.

Harika Chikkala, Franchise of Hydershakote, Hyderabad
Anita Rastogi

My journey with SIP Academy started in 2003 and has been a long way training thousands of kids and learning new lessons in each class. SIP has enabled me to think positively and has boosted my confidence level. I am respected by all parents and their motivation has helped me face many challenges in life. I wholeheartedly thank SIP team for their unmatched support and wish them success in their future endeavors.

Anita Rastogi, Franchise of Malad, Mumbai
Ritu Agarwal

It has been 3 years with SIP Academy and I feel enthusiastic with more than 150 students strength. I am satisfied as able to bring significant changes and improvement in their skills which is the utmost requirement in today's era. It is an awesome experience, when I get positive feedback from parents about improvement in concentration, speed and accuracy of their child. Really proud to be associated with SIP Academy - a company with par excellence!!

Ritu Agarwal, Franchise of Jhotwara, Jaipur

I feel proud in transforming young kids by making them 5 times better. The change is clearly visible through their learning ability, numerical ability, memory power and concentration. This is one job I look up to every day because it actually gives me job satisfaction and also because it has made me financially independent. I am grateful to all my students and parents for bestowing confidence upon me. I thank SIP team for providing me excellent guidance and support as and when required.

Mayurraw, Franchise of Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad

SIP Academy ensures a bright future for both LCL and children. Working as a franchisee with SIP is an excellent and profitable business both in terms of knowledge and money. Though I work only on weekends, my income is equal to a qualified professional. Proud to contribute to SIP’s growth and success by being a part of their family.

Meenakshi, Franchise of K K Nagar, Trichy
Deepshikha Arora

I joined SIP Abacus & Brain Gym programme in 2008 as a Course Instructor in Faridabad. I started my own Centre in Green Fields, Faridabad. I am very happy to be associated with SIP family. Parents are very happy with this programme and tell me their children compute faster after enrolling their child with SIP. It is very useful in overall development of the child.

Deepshikha Arora, Franchise of Green Fields, Faridabad, NCR
Neelam Gupta

SIP Academy provided me the best opportunity one can ever have. It unleashed my capabilities and skills as a teacher and an entrepreneur.I feel proud to be a member of the SIP family.

Neelam Gupta, Franchise of Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Roma Nihalani

The barometers of success of a Teacher and his/ her education programme can be varied. For some the marks their student scores for others could be the student’s success in competitive exams. The difference in others and our programme originates from a philosophy that is based on results which is based on continuous learning for both the teacher and the student. It is not surprising therefore, SIP Brand Promise certifying the child who completes four levels of our programme successfully would be 5 times better at his/her computational level relative to the speed at the time of joining, has been a resounding success.

Roma Nihalani, Franchise of Lajpat Nagar, NCR
Seema Vij

We are what we are- only because of the support- guidance- sharing from all at SIP. Especially –SIP for being as accessible, humane and empathetic even now despite their decade-driven growth, fame and success. We love you – simply for this ‘down to earth’ culture- SIP Culture.

Seema Vij, Franchise of Khargar, Mumbai