SIP Abacus is unique, it works!

The words from happy parents and franchisees who saw, with their very eyes, the changes for better in the children's lives.

Kalapana yawdwad

I am associated with SIP since 2005. The 10 years journey has changed the vision of my life. Though I travel 200 kms every weekend for training the children, I enjoy my work as a GM Trainer and I am very proud of their performance. I will continue to give my best and wish SIP Academy remains focused on their mission forever.

Kalapana Yawdwad, Ranebennur, Karnataka

I started my career as a student in 2006 and became an instructor in 2012. The 8 level Abacus course has instilled self-confidence and inculcated self determination to be perfect in all aspects of life. The support, motivation and proper guidance given by SIP team have made me a certified GM A trained instructor and I am proud of all my achievements in life.

Mariya, Patanwala, Wanowrie, Pune
Ruchi Thakur

My son’s performance motivated me to join as a Course Instructor in SIP Academy in 2009. Today, I have a bright and respectable career as an Abacus teacher. I will put in my best efforts to uphold the name and fame of SIP. Hats off to SIP team for transforming children into Champions.

Ruchi Thakur, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Nitisha Shah

My LCL, Mrs. Anita Rastogi introduced me to the SIP Abacus programme in 2008. I feel teaching is a continuous learning for both the teacher and the student. It gives me immense pleasure when I see my beautiful tiny tots growing into successful young achievers. Thanks to SIP team for rendering their services with immense dedication and sincerity.

Nitisha Shah, Malad, Mumbai
Prajakta Gandhi

SIP has given me an opportunity to transform myself from an ordinary housewife to a teacher of so many lovely students. It has been a wonderful journey. I personally thank my LCL Mrs. Seema Vij for helping me in recognizing my true potential. Her friendly approach has boosted my confidence and I have been learning a lot by handling children of different psychology and nature.

Prajakta Gandhi, Kharghar, Mumbai

My journey with SIP started as a parent who came to enroll my child in Abacus level 1 course. As an instructor, I proudly say that SIP programmes not only improve the soft skills of children but also inculcate confidence which is absolutely essential for their success in life.
A simple way of life – “When we have choice – choose the best”.

Anju, Aurangabad, Khandesh
Mamta Vadera

Initially, I was not very confident. After all, being a housewife for 20 years, one needs a lot of encouragement and someone to push up the confidence level. I’d like to thank Janaki Venkataraman for being so friendly and encouraging me which further boosted my confidence.

It is through SIP that I’ve come across children of different psychology and nature. It is so much fun and a completely new experience to handle each child in a different manner. It is only because of SIP that my hidden talent has come out.

Mamta Vadera, Kolkata
Bhalachandra Dalvi

This programme is designed to make students academically proficient, preparing them to successfully compete at all levels. I have witnessed this in the last seven years from the three batches who have graduated. It is a satisfying experience to be a Course Instructor and mentoring the children in the process.

Bhalachandra Dalvi, Bhandup, Mumbai
Ritu Gaur

It was my husband who motivated me to join SIP Abacus as a teacher. This has changed my life from an ordinary house wife to an Instructor. With great difficulty, I completed my first level and there-after - no looking back. Now I am confident and express my gratitude to SIP Academy for the excellent opportunity given to me.

Ritu Gaur, Jothwara, Jaipur
Hiral Dedhia

Fear of Math, I always had, and teaching my children was a harrowing experience. I joined SIP Academy India as a Course Instructor and started to enjoy playing with numbers. Starting with small batches I found my confidence. Slowly I graduated to bigger batches without discomfort. Rather, I enjoyed it. Moulding a child’s foundation in Math as a life-time skill gave me immense satisfaction. The moment of my life occurred when three of my students won prizes at the SIP Mumbai Regional Prodigy. This was the tipping point in my life; from a person who was scared of numbers enabling children to enjoy playing with numbers.

Hiral Dedhia, Sion, Mumbai
Rajeshree Patil

It’s been 9 fruitful years without a dull moment. I was attracted initially by the programme’s novelty. Later I noticed the improvement in my concentration, speed and accuracy in all aspects of life. I attribute this to my daily practice as a student is expected to do. The transformation I have witnessed in the children’s skills is a tribute to the SIP Abacus programme. Respect and flexibility of working with a free reign keeps me going.

Rajeshree Patil, Powai, Mumbai
Nikita Desai

This is my 5th year with SIP as a Course Instructor. It has been a great learning experience. As a teacher, I have now realised that a teacher has no script to follow. It’s an amalgamation of home-work, hard-work, love and responsibility to prepare a generation to be better than your generation yet be spontaneous. I am humbled every moment, by learning from my students.

Nikita Desai, Kharghar, Mumbai