Brand Promise

A guarantee of making your child 5 times smarter with unique methodology.

SIP Academy India promises to make children ‘5 times better’ than what they were before SIP, else SIP will refund Rs. 5000 cash back to the parent. This is based on our experience that most children who complete Foundation level 4 of the SIP Abacus & Brain Gym Programme will be able to perform 5 times better in arithmetic calculations.

Being a '5 times better child

Can perform arithmetic calculations 5 times faster and accurately.
Will develop better Learning Ability, which includes
  • Better Concentration
  • Better Visual Memory
  • Better Retention & Recall
  • Better Self-Confidence

& will therefore become a SMARTER KID than what he/she was before joining SIP. We are very confident of our ability to help children improve and hence have introduced the SIP Abacus & Brain Gym Brand Promise.